Nano-Mos™ - Point-of-Care
Saliva-based Diagnostics

a POC diagnostic device to detect biomarkers indicative of multi-organ injury


Nano-MOS™ is a saliva-based POC diagnostic device for the early detection of multiorgan injury. The working model has been validated to have femtomolar level sensitivity. Nano-MOS embodies a non-invasive, easy-to-use and portable diagnostic device.

Technological Benefits

InnoSense’s Nano-Mos, Point-of-Care Saliva-based Diagnostic device for multi-organ injury detection:

  • Detects multiple relevant biomarkers in a single sample.
  • Highly sensitive detection (fM levels) of target molecules in saliva.
  • Requires only microliters of saliva sample.
  • Scalable for mass production as disposable biosensor array.


  • Rapid analysis of multi-organ injury - results in minutes.
  • High sensitivity of target molecules in saliva allows non-invasive diagnosis.
  • Handheld, portable design for simple operation.
  • Outputs easy-to-read results.
  • Low power requirements.
  • Ruggedized for field use.

Potential Applications

  • Rapid bedside or in-office diagnostics
  • Portable in-field diagnosis for critical injury assessment in war-zones